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AAA BRUSHWARE has been established 5 years ago, having been in the Brushware industry for the past  22 years, we have acquired machinery to produce brooms, brushes, scrubs and mops.

Our history may not be long However we pride ourselves on quality and cater for the low income as well as the premium market as our ethos states, THE PREMIUM IN BRUSHWARE.

Quality is our primary care with customer service being our main focus. We pride ourselves in treating you not just as a customer but upon  joining us you join our Brushware family. Since inception our growth has been solely by mouth and bodes well for the many loyal customers  we've acquired over the years hence we strive to improve ourselves, our products and service and thus marketing ourselves now online to provide the best service to a wider customer base willing to join our family.

The building blocks of our business are you the customer and we will forge relationships that will build an iron clad company.

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View our Product Gallery to find our current stock to choose from, whether you need a soft bristle broom for your porcelain tiles or a hard broom to scrub your paving outside, we have them all....

How about our scrubbing brush range, various types to choose from to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and work with ease, suited for many types of cleaning requirements....

Cleaning can become a tedious daily task and our range of products will help you get it done with ease and comfort as you can choose what suits you.




We do our best in bringing you the best quality products and here is a list of our current range:

  • Brooms

  • Mops

  • Scrubbing Brushes

  • Floor / Tile scrub 

  • Budget broom plastic 

  • Budget broom wood

  • Deluxe shoe brush

  • Plastic brooms hard

  • Platform brooms soft

  • Contractors broom

  • Smart whisk broom

  • Chubby scrub

  • Snake scrub

  • White wash

  • Gate brush

  • Deluxe broom

  • Household flagged broom

  • Standard shoe brush